Update With Wall Lighting

Wall lighting is a great way to update a space while brighting it up! Here are some suggestions on how you can incorporate wall sconces to any space in your home.

Vintage Tile

Bathrooms are a major selling point of any house, but can be a pricy home improvement. so think twice before you take a sledge hammer to that pink tile. What about using what you have in a fesh new way? Imbrace your vintage tile! By updating fixtures, lighting, and mirrors you have taken an old bathroom and given it a brand new look that everyone is going to love.

Using Every Space

I had the privilege of meeting with an 11- year- old yesterday for a bedroom make over. Virgina was super excited about every detail of her new room.  One thing we discussed was removing her closet doors and using her closet for a multi-purpose area.  And then I thought that this might be a great option for some of you.

The Power of Fabric

Don’t underestimate the power that fabric has in a room. It can take any space from DRAB to FAB in no time! Recently, I completed this mudroom for a client.  The family needed a place to sit, hang backpacks and organize life.


mud room



IMG_1757mud room 3

Hello! I have missed y’all!

I hope you all have noticed that I pretty much took the summer off from blogging. It was a much-needed break and I was able to just hang out with my kids and work with a few clients.  Now that summer is over in a couple of weeks, I wanted to get back into my GROOVE!!

If y’all are anything like me, once the kiddos are back in school I tend to focus on our home and I am up for a few projects.  Some of you may be wanting to spruce up your windows with new window treatments!!

Today I wanted to share with you the do’s and don’t's of hanging your window treatments.  Often times we find a cute set of panels at World Market or other chain stores and get them home only to find they are too short. We love them so much that we are GOING TO MAKE THEM WORK! Well, YOU CAN’T! They have to go back!! Using panels that are too short is a room’s nightmare.

I found this  illustration over at SAS Interiors that explains things perfectly. When we buy panels that are too short we tend to hang them like illustration A; which makes our window look squatty.  Illustration B shows you how raising your rod makes your window look longer and gives the appearance that your ceiling is higher… BIG DIFFERENCE.

window drawing

Here is an example of a really cute room, but because the rod is hung so low the focus is now on the small window. By raising the rod and having longer panels, the window will appear much larger. This rod should be hung in the middle of the empty space above the window.

Here is a picture of a room that is done RIGHT!  The rod is hung below the crown molding and the panels touch the floor. The windows seem to be very long and the ceiling feels high… well done!

window pic


Also, when hanging your rod, if you have wall space on either side, it is a good rule to extend your rod out 10-15″ so that your window treatments are not covering up your window. It also makes your window look wider.

Hope these tips help! As always, I love to hear from you and see pics of your latest projects.



Happy Memorial Day!

Wishing each of you a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!

memorial day 1

memorial day 3

These Scream Summer!

We are counting down the days until summer and nothing screams summer like a  yummy dessert. I picked up this recipe for Banana Cake Bon Bons from our local Publix grocery store. I came right home and made them for my crew. Needles to say, they did not last long. I wanted to share the recipe with you because I know you will love them.  Go ahead and double it… one batch will not be enough!

Enjoy~ Mary

bon bons


1/2 of a (20 oz.) frozen pound cake, thawed
1 large banana
2 (3.25-oz) cups vanilla pudding
2 (7-oz) containers dipping chocolate
*Decorate with sprinkles if desired ( but why would you not??!!)

Mash banana in medium bowl; crumble cake and add to banana. Stir in pudding, blending until consistency of soft dough. If dough is too wet, add more pound cake. Form dough into 1-inch balls and place on baking sheet. Freeze 10-15 minutes to harden. Melt the chocolate. Dip cake balls into chocolate and place on wax paper. Top with sprinkles and store in refrigerator until ready to serve. (Makes 24 bon bons)

Tween Bedroom

Emma, my oldest daughter, wanted a room that was a little more “grown up”. So while she and my husband were on a trip to Washington D.C., I gave her a room that screamed “TWEEN”!!
emmas room

Emmas room3

Emmas room5

Emmas room 6

Emmas room7

The great thing about this redo was that we used a lot of the things we already had. We just painted them or moved them around. By painting the room and furniture it immediately felt like a new place. With New bedding and accessories, the space was turning out great for a “TWEEN”.

The hardest part to the whole project was unwrapping and installing the light that was purchased from west elm.  Every shell had to be unwrapped, but worth all the effort. It looks great in the room!IMG_0519

emmas room

Room- Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
Trim and Furniture- Linen White by Benjamin Moore
Bed- Intense Teal by Behr
Hardware- Gold shiny spray paint


Organize… know what you have!

If you are anything like me, you LOVE jewelry, but forget all that you have because it’s not organized. This past week I did my yearly closet clean out and decided to re-organize the jewels (costume that is)!  Once all was organized, I realized that I gravitate toward gold and turquoise! I think my next purchase might be something PURPLE!! Anyway, things are neat, I can see what I have and maybe I’ll wear some pieces I haven’t worn in a while. I hope this will inspire you to do the same! jewelry 2 jewelry 3   jewelry

To organize my jewelry, I used two neck forms, one necklace board, four trays, two bracelet holders and one earring holder .  There are wonderful trays and forms out there to hold all your pieces according to your space and needs.

Here are some I found at homeGoods. IMG_0898



Here are some other sources for trays and forms~

Nile Corp.
Store Supply

Have a great weekend~

Indoor containers… a little touch of spring

I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but here in Birmingham it is beautiful! The kids are able to play outside ( if you can stand the pollen) and the plants are starting to come back to life.  During spring and summer we focus our attention on the outside of our homes, and sometimes forget to bring spring to the inside.

Do you have a few containers around your home that you aren’t using? GO GET THEM!! I can hear you now.. “But I don’t know what to do with them”. Load your containers up, take them to your local nursery and ask for HELP! Those containers will be looking fabulous in no time!



easter 2

Now you have the beautiful elements of spring on the inside without the sneezing:)

Happy Spring and have a wonderful weekend!