Indoor containers… a little touch of spring

I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but here in Birmingham it is beautiful! The kids are able to play outside ( if you can stand the pollen) and the plants are starting to come back to life.  During spring and summer we focus our attention on the outside of our homes, and sometimes forget to bring spring to the inside.

Do you have a few containers around your home that you aren’t using? GO GET THEM!! I can hear you now.. “But I don’t know what to do with them”. Load your containers up, take them to your local nursery and ask for HELP! Those containers will be looking fabulous in no time!



easter 2

Now you have the beautiful elements of spring on the inside without the sneezing:)

Happy Spring and have a wonderful weekend!

This is no April Fools Joke…Follow these must-dos!

Have you noticed that real-estate signs are popping up all over! Spring/summer is a busy time for home sellers and that gives buyers many options. It is so important to set your home a part! shared 7 must-dos when showing your home. Use these tips and you will have great success!

Sweet Potatoes… (in your pots)

Spring is here and I am itching to get my outdoor containers looking their best.  One plant that always in a must is the sweet potato vine.  It grows like crazy ( you’ll have to cut it back throughout the summer), it comes in several variations, and it looks amazing.

So as you are gathering your plants for the spring and summer, don’t forget about the ” sweet potatoes”!

                Traditional Pool by Metairie Landscape Architects & Designers Garden Gates

Don’t ever throw anything away!

“Don’t ever throw anything away” that’s what my mom always says. “You never know when you might need it”. Well, this quote from my mother holds true to the article I read from {LIFE}BUZZ. Here they show how old shipping containers can be a nice option for housing.



Find other photos in the article. You will be amazed! You may even be ready to move into a shipping container!


Monday Giveaway!!!! { Let’s start the week off with something free }

Are you ready to win one of my favorite products???? Here is your chance!  We have a good bit of stainless in our kitchen and with all the fingers coming in and out it is hard to keep it all clean. I was buying product after product and all were leaving streaks.

One day, Jonathan came home with a can of Steel Meister and we fell in LOVE! It cleaned all our stainless beautifully and it was super easy to apply. I love it so much that I want you to have a can too!

steel master

Just click on the link below and follow two easy steps:
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** Giveaway ends this Friday, March 7th. Go enter and tell all your friends! You really want this product!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!!!

Here comes Peter Cottontail

If you are anything like me, I turn around and the next holiday is staring me in the face and I did not plan like I had intended. But since Easter is later this year (I am sooo glad) we have time to get a head start!

I wanted to show you an easy sewing project that you can do for gifts, Easter baskets, your girls bedrooms….  It is super easy and anyone with a sewing machine can make this!


Take a rabbit pattern ( email me and I will send you mine) and cut out two pieces of fabric. Sew the two together leaving a small hole for stuffing. Put in your batting and sew up your hole. Add your ribbon and hot glue a daisy on for the tail!

If you don’t have the time to make these, and want some for Easter, email me and I will make them for you! $5.00 each. Fabric patterns may vary due to availability.

rabbit 3


Dreaming of Spring

Here in the south, We have been having spring like weather and everyone is getting spoiled. Some are pulling out shorts and even wearing flip-flops! Not me; for reasons my mother would be proud! It is still February and you don’t wear flip-flops in February! But the main reason is my legs ( nor my feet) have not seen the light of day since last summer!

Anyway, a girl can surely dream of warmer days ahead and making our homes beautiful with blooming colors is all part of it.

Take a look at these window boxes and start getting ideas in mind for your home… only 24 more days till spring! But whose counting???

Southern Living


The “Big Lots” challenge

Big Lots is not a store I frequent often. Not because I am “Too Big” for Big Lots, but because my time is limited and can usually find what I need at other stores. So when I was given the challenge to take a stroll around this retail store, I was surprised at what I found.

My challenge was to find items in the store that could be used to accessorize a home. The key to this challenge is to find items that can be made to look expensive even though these items are just the opposite…. which makes the challenge all the more fun!

Tommy Hilfiger’s blue and white comforter has been around for a while and still remains a classic. Look what you could do with such a deal found at Big Lots. Perfect for a lake or beach house.

big lots 3


big lots 2

I loved these clocks the moment I saw them! They would work in so many places. The chalk-paint finish gives it an upscale look that screams you paid more than you really did!
Anyone of the clocks I found would look great in the kitchen pictured below.


For around $200, these chairs could function in just about every room of your home. They Look pretty good compared to the $800 chairs pictured below.

big lots 5


The moral of this challenge; Don’t rule out any retail store because you just don’t know what you might find!


Painted front door

It is 20 degrees here in Birmingham and I am dreaming of spring! Only two months away…. hallelujah! As we think of spring, we need to think of the outside of our homes. The outside entry way to your home sets the tone for the inside. Many of us don’t even use our front door on a regular basis.. Take a field trip and see how your entry way looks. Could your door use a face lift?? How about a splash of color, some new hardware???
We painted our front door the same color as our shutters and added new hardware. Made everything clean and fresh.
front door

Here are some other more bold colors that might be perfect for your front entry.