Finally Fall!

Here in Alabama this is the FIRST day that we have walked outside and it felt chilly!! Now if we could only have a bit of rain it would be perfect!

On chilly days, I love to make soup. Here is a recipe that will make your taste buds have a party!  http:/

Three minor changes that I made to this recipe:

  1. I use Conecuh Sausage in this recipe.  Some of you may not have this in your local grocer, but if you do….. GET IT!!!!
  2. I use heavy cream instead of milk.
  3. Have extra chicken broth on hand if needed.

Wallpaper is BACK!

Now don’t cringe when I tell you that all of that paper that you just ripped down is back because chances are, that paper needed to go….. out with the old, in with the new! Wallpaper is BACK… back for dining rooms, bedrooms, powder rooms… and just about anywhere you can afford to hang it.  Painting is definitely the cheaper and easier way to go, but if you want to add a bit of personality to a room, go with WALLPAPER!


House of Turquoise

Anytime I am in Lilly Pulitzer, I make myself try on something so I can visit the dressing room.  It’s bold, fun and full of Wallpaper! This same look can be created in a girl’s bedroom or a bathroom.



But Mary, where do I buy wallpaper? I am so glad you asked! Hanging wallpaper is not a cheap project, so I am always looking for the best places to order.  Online is always,  going to give you the best deals, but it can be difficult when you can’t touch or see it in person.  Just about every online company will allow you to purchase samples. Some paint stores still cary wallpaper books, but most have stopped carrying it due to the high cost.  If you are fortunate to have a supplier in your area, check out a few books, bring them home and stare at a few samples for a day or two.  You need to make sure you LOVE your paper, because once it’s hung, you are committed for a little while!

Here are some of my favorite online wallpaper sources:

Wallpaper Warehouse

Wallpaper Direct



Most paper is priced by the single roll.  Rolls can range from $20- $100 per roll and your wallpaper hanger will average $35 per roll to hang.  But the investment if worth the reward that you get with wallpaper.

Happy Hanging!


Mirror, Mirror on the wall…..

You may have a room in your home that you wish was a little larger or had more natural light.  Mirrors are a great accessory that can be used in unconventional ways to create a larger, brighter space.

Think outside the box- your mirror does not have to fit perfectly over your table. Here are two great examples of how full length mirrors are paired with entry tables to make a bold statement.


Home Edit


Traditional Home

Instead of using one large mirror over your bathroom vanity, hang two mirrors. Now you have two interesting spaces in one room.


Decor Pad

Hanging long mirrors over bedside tables will create drama in your bedroom, make your ceilings look taller, and reflect more natural light.


Birmingham Home and Garden

lake house5

Birmingham Home and Garden

Home Decor   20% off all mirrors



Having A Family Fourth!

Today starts the Fourth of July weekend, which usually means BBQ, trips to the lake or grilling out by the pool.   This is one of our favorite holidays! Not only does it remember how blessed we are as Americans, but it’s a weekend that is full of summertime fun!  Here are some ideas that we will be doing this weekend. If you are having friends over, take the time to be festive, but keep it simple and enjoy celebrating with those you love!





Between Naps on the Porch


Mom Endeavors

Have a safe, fun Fourth with those you love!




Do you find yourself  telling your kids this on a daily basis??? STAY OUTSIDE! We want them to soak up the sun and fresh air and get off the couch. We want them to play with each other and enjoy the summer.  But often times, we don’t want to go in our backyards or invite friends over because we think our outdoor living space is not attractive.  Today, I am going to give you some easy examples to spruce up your outdoor living area so that you will be running to get OUTSIDE!!


  1. Organize the STUFF

If you have little ones that are playing outside, create an area for all of their toys. This also works well in a garage, but it’s perfect for summer! Label your tubs so your children know where to put things back when they are done playing.


Spaceships and Laserbeams

Shelving- HomeDepot or Lowes
Tubs- Target or Walmart
Labels- Offfice Depot
Chalk Marker- Office Depot or Amazon

2.  Towels 

If you are fortunate to have a pool in your backyard, you know that towels and pool toys can clutter up a space quickly.  Use a planter box or large basket to hold towels and toys. Wet towels can be hung on hooks along the fence. If you do not want to mount the hooks directly on your fence, metal hooks are a nice alternative and can be taken down to store once summer is over. ( Note to parents, the wet towels will not magically hang themselves.  Kids must be trained to hang them up!!)


Fence Hooks


3. Add Color

Pillows, side tables and a strand of lights are easy ways to spruce up your outdoor living areas for very little money.  Right now is a great time to find these items at summer discounts.



4.  Something Green

 To finish off your heard work, Don’t forget to add something living to your space. Pots are a nice way to add color to any size area.


April 2016 : Alison Miksch - Photogapher / Buffy Hargett Miller - Prop Stylist

Southern Living

Happy Summer!


Run, don’t walk to Walgreens!

I was in Walgreens buying jelly beans when I came across these BEAUTIFUL white chocolate eggs! I immediately filled my buggy!! This is the perfect gift for the neighbor, lunch hostess, or  Sunday School teacher. I have included the link for you to download the tag from Love the Day.

Happy Easter~



choc. bunny 3


chocolate bunny


choc. bunny 2

choc. bunny 3


Download card here- Love the Day

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Company’s Coming!

Happy Easter and Holy Week! It is a wonderful time of celebration, but if you are like us here in Birmingham, Easter falls during our spring break so it makes things a little tricky.  We are leaving on a family trip (be on the lookout for a post!), but before we leave, we will host my family for Easter.

You may be hosting your family and friends as well this year and need an idea for an easy centerpiece or table setting. Here are a couple of suggestions that I have done in the past that make the preparation of hosting a little easier.



Purchase small potted plants and place them in  a container you already own. You have an instant centerpiece that is fresh, ALIVE, and will last for weeks to come!


If you are fortunate to have blooming shrubs in your yard, cut a few stems for an arrangement that cost you NOTHING and smells so lovely! This also makes a nice hostess gift if you have the pleasure of being a guest this Easter for lunch.


Don’t go buy ANYTHING!! Use what you have around your home.  Here I used an old quilt, wrapping paper for my table runner and some faux birds and rocks that I had in my “catch all” closet.  The “He is Risen” card came from Jones Design Company and you can download yours here.

he is risen download

Happy Easter~ “Praise be to God for his indescribable gifts!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

Fondly~ Mary
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“Lucky for Me!”


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to ya! I wanted to share a cute idea that I have done in years past to let my neighbors and friends know I’m “lucky” to have them in my life! Just click on the lucky card   below to print your own. Add it to a clover plant from your local nursery and you are set!




Lucky to have all my readers!



Getting Ready For Spring

It feels like spring is here with warmer weather and blooming flowers!  Spring time always gives me the itch   ( not my eyes from pollen) to freshen things up and move items around in my home. This doesn’t mean go out and spend a fortune, but it does mean clean out, de-clutter and try moving items and furniture around to give your room a new look.  Here are some easy things you can do to give each room in your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank!

  1.  Swap out pillows on your sofa and beds.  If you have down inserts, just change the covers for quick and easy seasonal changes.  Always look on the clearance isle at your favorite home store for great pillow selections.



2.  Out with the heavy and dark fabrics of winter and in with the breezy fabrics for spring and summer.  Keep your bed light and airy. No need for animal throws at the foot of the bed!!


House of Jade Interiors

3.  Add something living!  Plants and flowers give you that instant fix that many rooms need.  Take a container that you already have to your local nursery and let them help you find the perfect plant for your space.  Green plants, such as maidenhair fern, mixed with a seasonal bloom make a perfect combination.


My Domaine

4. Carry your living space outside.  Walk around your backyard and find ways to spruce up your area. Paint your patio table, get an outdoor rug, add new potted plants, and even hang some party lights! By creating an outdoor space, you have given yourself, your family and your friends another area to enjoy!

picture-51      blogger-image--2042959009

Eleven Gables

Happy Spring!



“Blessed Assurance”



Today I went to our church Christmas shopping event and purchased these sweet cards with a verse of the hymn “Blessed Assurance”.  I immediately began humming the hymn that I grew up singing as a child.  What a sweet reminder especially during this Thanksgiving season that no matter what I may be walking through, it is my story and my song…praising my SAVIOR all the day long!  May this time of year be a reminder that in all circumstances we can praise our Heavenly Father!